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Bend  Police Car (Generic)

Three charged in prostitution raid at NE Bend motel

Acting on an anonymous tip, police raided a northeast Bend motel Monday, arrested a New York woman on prostitution charges and cited two Bend men for commercial sexual solicitation, the second such human trafficking charges in the city in less than two weeks.

Decision 2016

EDCO opposing Outdoor School funding measure

Economic Development for Central Oregon issued a statement Tuesday opposing Measure 99, saying while Outdoor School is a good program, taking more lottery dollars away from economic development to fund it is the wrong way to go.

Bend PD launches helmet program

Bend Police have begun giving away bike helmets

Central Oregon kids are either back in school, or getting ready to go. Some might be riding a bike or scooter to get to class. Bend Police want to remind you your children need to wear helmets -- not only because it's state law, but because they're a lifesaver.

Local foundation provides concussion testing for teens

C.O., foundation offers concussion testing for teens

The start of the school year for students like Ben Capizzola means gearing up for classes and suiting up for the big game. It also means a special type of test that can be crucial later, should he suffer a concussion.

Bend viewpoint signs spark dismay

City signs placed at scenic Bend viewpoint irk hikers

Central Oregon is known for its beautiful scenic views, but some hikers expressed dismay Tuesday at the city of Bend's choice for where to install 'tobacco-free campus' signs in the middle of a view atop Overturf Butte.

Trump Roast and Ride

Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Could Trump benefit from reverse coattails?

The way the coattail effect usually goes, a popular presidential contender helps others in his party by bringing voters to the polls who, while there, end up pulling the lever for down-ballot candidates. But usual doesn't apply to most things in 2016...

Ryan Bundy can continue as own lawyer in Malheur refuge case

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A federal judge agreed to let Oregon standoff defendants Ryan Bundy and Kenneth Medenbach represent themselves at their upcoming trial, despite concerns they won't follow court rulings in the presence of the jury.

Medicine generic AP

Housing: New frontier for Oregon health care plans

Health-care plans in Oregon are considering a new aspect of people's health and well-being: stable housing.

Orego Oregon Road Usage Charge Program


Feds give Oregon $2.1 million for road usage charge program

The Federal Highway Administration awarded the Oregon Department of Transportation $2.1 million Tuesday to further develop OReGO, the nation’s premier Road Usage Charge Program.

ISIS spokesman Mohammad al-Adnani


Russia says it killed ISIS leader Mohammad al-Adnani

A Russian airstrike in Syria killed ISIS spokesman Mohammad al-Adnani, Russia's Ministry of Defense said on its official Facebook page Wednesday.

Trump in Erie

Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

Trump announces meeting with Mexican president

Donald Trump is traveling to Mexico Wednesday to meet with the country's president just hours before he is set to deliver a speech focused on immigration policy.

"I have accepted the invitation of President Enrique Pena Nieto, of Mexico, and look ver...

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