Local Alert Forecast

Local Alert Weather Forecast, Wed., July 29, 2015

We are warming up all over the High Desert this week. Temperatures are pushing up towards the triple digit mark slowly but surely. We will be pushing up towards the lower 90s by tomorrow, and plenty of sunshine along the way. Conditions will stay very dry.

Although a fire weather warning has been issued only farther west of the Cascades, we must still practice fire safety with the hot and dry conditions.

A high pressure dome is sitting above the Pacific Northwest. This dome of high pressure acts as a ridge in a wave. This ridge is pulling in warmer air from the south. That air, coupled with the plentiful sunshine, will allow for our temperatures to reach the 100 degree mark by the end of the week.

Be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen and to drink lots of water this week. The heat will bring with it dangerous potential for heat stroke.

The seven day forecast shows our heat wave expected for the weekend. This heat wave could reach triple digits as early as Friday for most of Central Oregon. We will stay dry as we cool down to the lower and mid 90s by Sunday. Monday brings with it a chance for some thunderstorms being pulled up through California. Tuesday will also see a slight chance for some storms. I don’t expect any storms until then as of today. Finally, by Wednesday we will fall back down to the mid 80s again.



7 Day Forecast


Current Conditions

86° F
30° C
  • Feels Like: 86° F 30° C
  • Wind: 10 mph 17 kph at North
  • Humidity: 14%
  • Dew point: 32° F 0° C
  • Barometer: 30 inches millibars and steady
  • Sunrise: 5:49 AM PDT
  • Sunset: 8:32 PM PDT
88° F
31° C
  • Feels Like: 88° F 31° C
  • Wind: 13 mph 20 kph at NNW
  • Humidity: 15%
  • Dew point: 35° F 2° C
  • Barometer: 30 inches millibars and steady
  • Sunrise: 5:48 AM PDT
  • Sunset: 8:33 PM PDT
There are currently no severe weather alerts.

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