State Marine Board seeks comments on rule change

To define 'towed water sports'

SALEM, Ore. - The Oregon State Marine Board said this week it's seeking written public comments on a proposed definition for “towed water sports.”  The proposed definition will be used in local Boat Operation rules in Chapter 250.

Where applicable, the agency is proposing to amend 10 MPH restrictions in local Boat Operation rules to include towed water sports. 

Many local Boat Operation rules were adopted between 1960 and the 1980’s and since that timeframe, towed water sports have evolved.  Activities such as wake surfing and tubing are capable of being conducted below 10 MPH.  A towed water sports restriction is needed to support the current regulations, enhance safety and reduce boater conflict in light of changing boating use and technology.

Additionally, the agency is proposing to repeal stand-alone Boat Operation waterway rules and re-adopt and alphabetize the rules within the County in which they are located.  The goal of this proposed rule action is an attempt to increase the ease of finding the appropriate regulation for a waterbody by local marine enforcement and the public. 

The proposed rule amendments are separate and independent from the open rulemaking for statewide wake sports operation and are not related to legislative work on the Willamette River in the Newberg Pool. 

Written comments will be accepted until September 30, 2018, by 5 pm and can be submitted via email to  or by U.S. mail to: June LeTarte, Administrative Rules Coordinator, Oregon State Marine Board, 435 Commercial Street NE, Suite 400, Salem, OR 97301.  Comments via telephone will not be accepted. 

To view the proposed rule language, visit

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