Second crash victim's body recovered from Idaho river

Terrebonne man found Tuesday, Montana man Thursday

GRANGEVILLE, Idaho - (Update: Second crash victim's body found)

The body of a 22-year-old Terrebonne man, one of four hunters missing since their SUV crashed May 21 into Idaho’s Selway River, has been recovered from the river about 43 miles downstream, the Idaho County Sheriff’s Office reported Wednesday night. And they said another crash victim's body was found another 20 miles downstream on Thursday.

Two others had escaped when the SUV carrying six men left a road near Paradise Camp and flipped upside-down into the frigid whitewater, in a remote part of Idaho near the Montana border.

The sheriff’s office said in a news release that it was advised Tuesday afternoon that a hiker had found a body in the river near Cupboard Creek, above Selway Falls, and had advised a nearby U.S. Forest Service trail crew of the discovery.

Two Bear Air, a Montana-based search and rescue support business, was called to recover the body, which deputies said was partially submerged and wedged between a boulder and a log. The helicopter brought Rollins' body to sheriffs deputies, who took him to Trenary’s Funeral Home in Kooskia.

The remains then were taken to Boise for an autopsy, where dental records and tattoos were used to identify the victim as Rollins, deputies said.

On Thursday, the body of Koby Clark, 21, of Bozeman, Montana and Kuna, Idaho, was found in theriver, about six miles east of Lowell and some 60 miles downstream from the crash site. Sheriff's personnel responded to the location and took Clark's remains to the same funeral home.

About a week after the crash, Idaho County Sheriff Doug Giddings said the search had been called off after efforts by a fast-water diver, search dogs, a helicopter and float and ground teams from Idaho and Montana. Rollins' family also had conducted extensive searches since the crash.

Two other men remain missing, brothers Raymond and Jese Ferrieri, 24 and 21, of Mahopac Falls, New York.

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