'Scary clown' fears reach the High Desert

Some in Redmond on edge after clown sighting

Scary clown sighting in Central Oregon

REDMOND, Ore. - Police stations across the country have been getting reports of scary clowns lurking at night, and now the clown sightings have hit Redmond.

Officers responded to a report of a clown sighting at 10:30 p.m. Wednesday at the intersection of Southwest Indian Avenue and 11th Street in Redmond.

An employee working at Central Oregon Eyecare called dispatch to report she was leaving work when she saw a person wearing a clown mask with teeth, white t-shirt and blue pants. She became scared and wanted officers to escort her to her vehicle in the parking lot.

Police were unable to locate the person.

People living in Redmond are talking on a Facebook community page asking others if they heard about the "creepy clowns" in the area.

"It's kind of freaky -- I mean, I'll be a little worried for my little ones, they would be a little freaked out by it," resident Anthony Phillips said Thursday.

These clown sightings have been reported in several states across the country terrorizing neighborhoods.

Redmond police said it's always good to give them a call if people see something suspicious.

"We always want people to be safe, so if they're concerned or dressed up, we can come out and talk to them (suspicious person) to see if everything is okay," police Lt. Jesse Petersen said.

As far as police can tell, no actual crime was committed by someone clowning around in Redmond before the Halloween scare.

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