Redmond police detail distracted driving enforcement results

Plans to continue through June

SISTERS, Ore. - In May, the Redmond Police Department conducted focused enforcement on distracted driving by contacting drivers who are failing to follow Oregon’s Unlawful Use of an Electronic Mobile Device law (ORS 811.507).  Two officers funded by a grant conducted over 8 hours of enforcement resulting in numerous traffic stops. 

The grant-funded enforcement resulted in 4 citations for Unlawful Use of an Electronic Mobile Device.  Additionally, 4 citations were issued for speeding; 2 citations for Driving While Suspended; and 10 other citations or warnings issued for other traffic violations.  Redmond patrol officers working their regular shifts during March issued 20 additional citations to drivers for Unlawful Use of an Electronic Mobile Device. 

Redmond Police will continue enhanced Distracted Driving patrols throughout the remaining month of June.  The purpose of these heightened grant-funded patrols is to reduce the number of crashes on our roadways which can be attributed to distracted driving.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2016 3,450 people died as a result of a distracted driver.  Similar to DUII-related crashes, these crashes could have been prevented.   

The officers of the Redmond Police Department are committed to making Redmond the safest community in Oregon.  Seeking grant funding from various groups to place additional officers on our roadways to deter and identify drivers driving distracted is one of many ways they are working to accomplish this vision.  Funding to support these enhanced Distracted Driving patrols is provided by a Distracted Driver Enforcement Grant, awarded to the Redmond Police Department from the Oregon Department of Transportation.

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