Portland protests: 4 arrests, reporter struck, injured

Police use 'flash bangs' to disperse crowd

(Update:Four people arrested; reporter struck by projectile)

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -  The Portland Police Bureau says four people were arrested during rowdy protests Saturday between right-wing activists and self-described anti-fascists.
The bureau says in a statement that officers also seized "multiple weapons throughout the day."
The rally was organized by Joey Gibson, leader of right-wing leaning group Patriot Prayer.
It drew hundreds of supporters and counter-protesters.
A reporter for The Oregonian/OregonLive was injured when he was struck by a projectile during the protests.

Eder Campuzano was bloodied Saturday afternoon but said in a Tweet published on the newspaper's website that he was "okay" and was going to get evaluated.
Police deployed "flash bangs" and other devices to try to disperse the crowds. Authorities say demonstrators threw rocks and bottles at officers.
Police deployed "flash bangs" and other devices to try to disperse crowds of right-wing activists and self-described anti-fascist counter-protesters.
The demonstrations drew hundreds and there was a heavy police presence, as similar gatherings have turned violent.
Just before 2 p.m., police ordered crowds to disperse, saying protesters had thrown rocks and bottles at officers. There were arrests, but it wasn't immediately clear how many. There was also debris left on the street by demonstrators.
The rally organized by Gibson was the third to roil Portland this summer. Two previous events ended in bloody fistfights and riots, and one counter-protester was sent to the hospital with a skull fracture.
Gibson says the country is getting soft and leaders need to step up.
He says his group has the American spirit and will unapologetically stand up for what the group believes in.
It's the group's third such rally in Portland, which has again drawn self-described anti-fascist counter-protesters. The two previous events resulted in violence.
Police in riot gear have confiscated items that could be used as a weapon. Police have also announced they will not respond to non-emergency calls in the city due to the demonstration in a Portland park.
This time, Gibson changed the venue from a federal plaza outside U.S. District Court to a waterfront park so some of his Oregon supporters can carry concealed weapons as they demonstrate.
Police had said protesters would see a significant police presence, including bomb-sniffing dogs and checkpoints where weapon screenings will occur.
In a statement, police said weapons may be seized if there is a violation of law and added that it is illegal in Portland to carry a loaded firearm in public unless a person has a valid Oregon concealed handgun license. Many protesters are expected to be from out of state.
Gibson said his followers would be bused to Portland Saturday with armed security and group members who will carry concealed guns.
Gibson has said that he won't stop bringing his followers to Portland until they can express their right-wing views without interference.
Self-described anti-fascists - or "antifa" - were organizing to confront Patriot Prayer and an affiliated group known as the Proud Boys.

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