Pay it forward? How about 'beer it forward'?

Bend brewery has new way to advance giving spirit

10 Barrel boasts beer it forward wall

BEND, Ore. - You’ve likely heard about paying it forward, but what about ‘"beering" it forward’? A Bend brewery has taken it upon itself to spread the love of craft brew in novel fashion.

On the wall at the Westside 10 Barrel, there are dozens of cards that look like business cards, but they’re not— they're 'beer it forward' cards.

Handwritten on the cards are things like, a school counselor, a peace officer, a Patrick, a mother, someone wearing a Penn State shirt, even a newscaster.

With 10 Barrel’s 'Beer it Forward' wall, one customer can buy a beer for a nameless -- or named future customer who just has to hunt down the description that fits them -- in order to get a already-paid-for beer.

Assistant General Manager Adam Hoff said Friday it's been fun to watch customers not only "beer it forward" but also be on the receiving end of the beer wall's giving spirit.

"We just thought it was a fun thing to bring to Bend, a market saturated with breweries," Hoff said. "It's trying to do something different and bring the community together over a nice cold pint."

"People are coming in, and they know before they go find their best bar seat to go check the board and see if they have a nice cold beer waiting for them," Hoff said.

The bar managers hope to bring a unique vibe to the pub, along with good conversation.

 Currently, the Westside 10 Barrel is the only pub with such a wall.

If you’re interested in buying someone a beer — ask the bartender for a Beer it Forward card, buy it, fill it out and put it on the wall.

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