New multi-sport festival kicks off at Mt. Bachelor

Outdoor City USA offers wide variety of activities

New family sports festival begins at Mt.

BEND,Ore. - If you're a bike enthusiast or simply want to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities for the whole family, Mt. Bachelor is the place you'll want to be this weekend.


The inaugural Outdoor City USA three-day multi-sport festival kicked off Friday and continues through Sunday.


This sports festival has something for all ages, abilities and disciplines: You can walk, run, bike, hike and engage in so many other outdoor activities. Then there are a host of product demos available


"It's just an opportunity for everyone to get new products and see new things and experience new events," said Beverly Lucas, founder of Outdoor City USA. "We've got racing here, things for the little kids, like balance bike racing, and hiking for families and running for families." 


The festival also provides vendors the opportunity to showcase new products, and many people at Friday's opening day took advantage and made new purchases.


Ryan Miller, Shimano North America senior manager, said, "We want them to actually come up and do demo rides of  the bikes that we have up here this weekend. They can test out our new products. We are showcasing our mountain bike components, and then our Step-Stride system for our e-bikes. 


The three-day sporting festival is free of charge for the entire family.


Bend-area bikers said they appreciate so many people coming out to embrace mountain biking.

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