New brews due in Bend: Boss Rambler Beer Club

Aspect is out; a new beer club in its place

Boss Rambler Beer Club to take over Aspect

BEND, Ore. - If you thought Bend was tapped out on beer, think again. There's a new kind of watering hole coming to Northwest Galveston Avenue.

It's a beer club, Boss Rambler Beer Club, to be exact. And it's in the midst of moving into Aspect Boards and Brews shop.

Boss Rambler has already started serving it's own beer at the location— but hasn't fully taken over the space yet. Aspect is still selling inventory, trying to get rid of everything by the end of August.

Once that happens, owners Kate and Matt Molletta, along with brewer Jacob Bansmer. will begin remodeling and turn the space into the Boss Rambler atmosphere they're looking for.

"My wife and I have always been on the go," Matt Molletta said Friday. "We've always been travelers and have always been out to seek the most fun, the best adventure.

"Boss Rambler just really emphasizes that spirit. It's like, say 'I'm a Boss Rambler, the guy down the street, he's a Boss Rambler' -- whoever is really out there on the go, having a good time and wants to always be searching for the best," he added.

For now, Boss Rambler beer is being brewed at Silver Moon Brewing in Bend, but the owners plan on eventually building a brewery in Tumalo.

When the Galveston Avenue spot is fully open, beer taps will include not only Boss Rambler brews, but also guest taps from around Oregon.

The beer club won't serve it's own in-house food, but instead plans on having a food cart and possibly a coffee cart.

The grand opening is expected to happen some time in November.

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