Name chosen for Sunriver's new trumpeter swan: Gus

And with Gracie, they are expecting 2 cygnets

SUNRIVER, Ore. - The Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory has chosen a name for its new male trumpeter swan: Gus, who is helping Gracie, his new mate, sit on the nest of their two impending arrivals, officials said Friday.

Nearly 300 name suggestions were submitted since he arrived last month, officials said. “The name Gus was an instant favorite of the Nature Center team and a group of supporters that voted for the next during a swan celebration this week,” officials said.

The name Gus is short for Augusta, the city in Michigan where the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary is located. Both Chuck, Gracie’s former mate (who was illegally shot and killed) and the new male swan were at that sanctuary before arriving in Sunriver. Officials also noted the name Gus means “revered” in German.

“It is safe to say that Gracie and Gus did not waste any time,” the facility added. 

The day after they were introduced to each other, bird-watchers observed the pair mating — and a week later, a nest of pine needles began to take shape along Lake Aspen. An inspection found two swan eggs. Gracie, and occasionally Gus, have been sitting on the nest since May 31, “and we hope to see the eggs hatch in early July,” officials said.

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