Judge rejects Witt's request to attend baptism

Manslaughter suspect under house arrest

Shantel Witt motions for house arrest...

BEND, Ore. - Shantel Witt, accused of manslaughter in the December death of Bend resident Marika Stone, was back in court Wednesday, asking for a modification to her house arrest to attend her granddaughter's baptism in Sunriver. But Stone's family voiced strong opposition -- and the judge sided with them. 

Deschutes County Circuit Judge Beth Bagley denied Witt's request to leave her house, saying she is not a free woman. 

On Dec. 30, Stone was cycling south along Dodds Road with others. Witt was driving north and allegedly crossed the oncoming lane, striking Stone and killing her instantly. 

A toxicology report later proved Witt had various prescription drugs in her system when she was behind the wheel. 

On Wednesday, she asked the court to give her a time to attend her granddaughter's baptism. Stone's father testified at the hearing by phone and said she shouldn't be allowed to do anything in the community.

Stone's former husband, Jerry Stone, said the family feels Witt has had enough chances and should not be allowed any more conditions than her original release. 

District Attorney John Hummel said later that he and his deputies "asked the court order she be held at least under house arrest and that she be put on an alcohol monitor and a GPS monitor."

"The court granted that request," he said. "So she's out on bail, but she's on house arrest, and her house arrest is monitored by GPS and her alcohol detector bracelet monitors whether she consumes alcohol." 

Stone's twin sister also attended the hearing and told the judge that Stone was an amazing sister, mom, aunt, daughter, friend and dentist. 

Jerry Stone also talked with NewsChannel 21.

"Right now, we would just like to see her and the original conditions to be upheld and for them to stay with those," he said. "Obviously, the family would like to see her remanded and be in jail, just like anybody else who had killed someone.

"So for right now, we are willing to -- we trust in the system, we believe in the court system and we feel like we are going to come out victorious with this," Stone said. "But in the end, nobody really wins." 

Witt's trial currently is scheduled to go on trial in late January of next year. 

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