Deschutes County drafts new marijuana regulations

Modifications would add more restrictions

Commissioners modify marijuana regulations

BEND, Ore. - Changes are coming to how marijuana production is regulated and enforced on rural lands in Deschutes County. 

The program changes are happening at the request of the Deschutes County commissioners, who held a work session Monday afternoon. 

Part of the reasoning behind these code amendments is to verify the cause of groundwater declines in Alfalfa and Tumalo, and confirm inspection protocols for medical marijuana grow sites. 

These amendments will make marijuana regulations more restrictive. 

Some of the modifications include: strengthening odor control measures, holding inspections for all marijuana productions registered under the Oregon Health Authority, and adding required notices to property owners within 1,000 feet of marijuana grow sites.

Currently, a notice is only required for properties up to 750 feet away. Another modification allows a 15-day. instead of 12-day appeal time for a marijuana production decision. 

A public hearing will be held about these amendments to current marijuana codes in August. 

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