Corvallis PD expands 'bait bike' program to deter thefts

CORVALLIS, Ore. (AP) - The Corvallis Police Department is expanding a new program designed to deter bicycle thefts through the use of "bait bikes."
The department says that since January, 10 people have been arrested for theft after they stole a bike that was intentionally placed in the city by police officers.
Corvallis police receive reports of nearly 300 bicycles stolen every year, with a total loss of almost $250,000 per year.
Those numbers don't include thefts on the Oregon State University campus or cases not reported to police.
The stolen "bait bikes" can be tracked and often police see the theft in progress.
Corvallis also partnered in 2015 with 529 Garage, a cloud-based bicycle registration service, and encourages bike owners to register their wheels.

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