Caught on camera: Bend package thief steals dirty diapers

How to protect your deliveries from thieves

Package thief steals dirty diapers

BEND,Ore. - A Bend woman had several packages stolen from her front porch, so she decided to set a trap -- and a smelly one, at that.


Zaneta Marsh, who lives in southeast Bend, said Thursday she's had several packages stolen and has no idea who's doing it.


After installing security cameras, she captured video showing a woman on a bike, coming on to her property and removing a package. What the thief didn't know is that the package was a fake. Marsh had filled it with dirty diapers.


Marsh said the crime happened between 4 and 6 p.m., around the same time United Parcel Service typically delivers in her neighborhood. She said if it'll help capture the identity of the thief, she is willing to set out another fake package.


"I think they were on the hunt for sure, kind of just waiting for people to have their packages, because people aren't home from work right around that time," Marsh said. "I think they were kind of just waiting around."


The video footage has been given to the Bend Police Department. 


NewsChannel 21 spoke to the United Parcel Service about delivery protocol.


Packages that don't require signatures are delivered on a porch, at a door or the most secure location outside of the home. Delivery location is up to the discretion of the driver.


Drivers also required to continuously update the UPS tracking system when approaching a home and after delivering a package. If ia delivery location does not match the listed home, UPS will investigate the issue.


Bend Police Lt. Clint Burleigh suggested ways to protect your property. 


"My suggestion a lot of times is get to know your neighbors," Burleigh said. "We work with the community. The best defense against anyone coming around your house, is your neighbors keeping an eye on it.


"When you're gone, they are a little more observant. If they see something that is suspicious they call us, and we go out there and see if we can find anyone there or evidence of someone on your property." 

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