Bend teen's caregiver gets 20 days for sleeping on job

Judge had acquitted him of private indecency

Bend caregiver gets 20 days for sleeping on job

BEND, Ore. - A Bend man was sentenced Monday to 20 days in jail and five years of unsupervised probation after being convicted of reckless endangering for falling asleep while caring for a 14-year-old child with developmental disabilities.

Authorities said Randleman also watched pornography for sexual gratification on the job, discovered by the mother of the child on video captured by her home security system.

Prosecutors had recommended Craig Randleman, 56, serve six months in jail, claiming he had failed to aknowledge the seriousness of what he did that led to his arrest last June. The boy's mother also supported such a sentence, making other claims in her victim's impact statement about his lack of adequate care, such as eating the boy's lunch and taking advantage of the teen's inability to speak out.

Deschutes County Circuit Judge Michael Adler had heard testimony at a recent non-jury trial and found Randleman guilty two counts of reckless endangerment but not guilty of private indecency and criminal mistreatment.

Along with five years of unsupervised probation, the judge said Randleman also is not allowed to work as a caretaker during that time. He also imposed a $200 fine.

At Monday's sentencing, Randleman apologized for his actions and acknowledged, "I failed in my responsibilities to keep (the child) safe. My intention was always to help the family."

In imposing sentence, the judge reiterated that he had found Randleman not guilty of sex offenses or criminal negligence, only that he intentionally slept on the job, while caring for a juvenile who needs 24/7 attention.

Fortunately, he said, nothing happened to the boy, but Randleman's "recklessness" meant much could have happened.

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