2 guilty of tossing horse lubricant, glitter on Portland police

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - Two protesters have been sentenced to five days in jail for throwing horse lubricant mixed with gold glitter on two police officers at a downtown Portland protest.
The Multnomah County District Attorney's Office says the defendants were protesting against a rally organized by a right-wing group called Patriot Prayer in August 2018 when the officers asked to see what was in two 4-gallon (15-liter) buckets they were carrying.
Prosecutors say Robert Majure and Tristan Romine-Mann instead sprayed the slimy liquid on the officers and ran.
Prosecutors say the two attempted to "fist bump" in celebration after they were arrested and cuffed in a patrol car.
A jury convicted them of harassment and acquitted them of a charge of disorderly conduct.
Horse lubricant is a gel used in obstetric and rectal procedures on large animals.

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