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Decision 2018: Eileen Kiely

In our next Decision 2018 special report, NewsChannel 21's Lee Anderson talks with House District 53 Democratic nominee Eileen Kiely about her background and views on issues such as health care and affordable housing.

  • Decision 2018: Eileen Kiely
  • New poll shows Brown well ahead of Buehler
  • Decision 2018: Amy Lowes
  • Web exclusive: Amy Lowes talks campaign changes

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Decision 2018:Tony DeBone

In our next special report, NewsChannel 21s Jacob Larsen talks with Deschutes County Commissioner Tony DeBone, who faces a fall challenger, Amy Lowes. 

  • Decision 2018:Tony DeBone
  • Web-exclusive: DeBone on Deschutes County economy
  • Campaign and debate season heating up
  • Decision 2018: James Cook
  • Web-exclusive: James Cook on marijuana issues
  • Decision 2018: Patti Adair

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