Life can be confusing and we want to help! When you need help you can search google but who is the source of the information and is it specific to Central Oregon? We have gone straight to local experts to help you wade through a variety of topics and put you in contact should you need more help.

Watch "Ask the Expert" on NewsChannel 21 weeknights at 7 pm to get reliable advice from local professionals on a range of topics - from Hearing to Fitness to Dermatology to RVs! Or watch anytime from this page and we will be updating the page as we Ask More Experts.

When are cochlear implants a good option?

What should I do if I have sudden hearing loss?

How do I know which hearing aid technology is best for me?

Central Oregon Ear, Nose and Throat

Why you should go to Fusion Fitness.

What makes Fusion Fitness different?

What you get when you go to a gym.

Fusion Fitness

What to look for when purchasing an RV.

Tried and true RVing tips.

How to store your RV.

Big Country RV

How to choose the best sunscreen.

Treatment options for Hyperhidrosis.

Treatment for sun damaged skin.

Deschutes Dermatology