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Local Alert Weather Forecast, Tue., Mar. 3, 2015

High pressure has arrived! The Pacific Northwest will be dry for quite some time with temperatures climbing each day this week. Sunshine and primarily southerly winds across the region will help to boost us to 20 degrees above average as we get into the weekend.

Tonight will be clear, as our arriving high pressure keeps clouds out of the state. This will result in chilly overnight temperatures. Lows will fall to the mid teens. Some locations, mostly to the west in the Cascades will drop very close to single digits. Winds will be light and variable heading into the night.

Wednesday is looking comfortable. Sunshine will be with us all day long. The blue sky conditions will help warm temperatures up to the upper 40s and lower 50s by the afternoon. Winds will be light and from the south. Rainfall and snowfall will not exist in the state of Oregon Wednesday or through the extended forecast.

Thursday’s forecast is essentially Wednesday’s forecast with a few degrees added to the daytime highs. Afternoon temperatures will reach the mid 50s. The day will be dry and pleasant overall.

The 60s hit the High Desert come Friday. Sunshine will continue to dominate the skies and light winds from the south will favor warmer weather. Lower 60s are on the way as we end the workweek.

This weekend, mid 60s are a likely. The region will continue to stay dry and clouds will be a rare sight. These temperatures are not good news for snow enthusiasts in the Cascades, as weekend skiing will be fast and hard with fresh tracks nearly impossible to find.



7 Day Forecast


Current Conditions

27° F
-3° C
  • Feels Like: 21° F -6° C
  • Wind: 5 mph 7 kph at SW
  • Humidity: 64%
  • Dew point: 16° F -9° C
  • Barometer: 30 inches millibars and rising
  • Sunrise: 6:37 AM PST
  • Sunset: 5:57 PM PST
21° F
-6° C
  • Feels Like: 13° F -10° C
  • Wind: 6 mph 9 kph at South
  • Humidity: 78%
  • Dew point: 15° F -9° C
  • Barometer: 30 inches millibars and steady
  • Sunrise: 6:37 AM PST
  • Sunset: 5:56 PM PST

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