Like them or not, studded tire season is back

C.O. tire stores crowded as winter weather returns

C.O. tire stores gear up for winter season

BEND, Ore. - With a winter-type storm moving in and studded tires once again legal on Oregon roads, you can imagine just how busy Central Oregon tire stores were Saturday.

There were big crowds at stores like America's Tire on the north side of Bend.

Store Manager Bryan Johnson recommends getting some sort of snow tire put on your car, to give you better traction in the snow and ice. He said the last few days have been busy in their shop, as usual.

"As of Nov. 1, of course is when studs are available and ready to go on people's cars," Johnson said. "The last several mornings, at 6 in the morning, we have had 30 to 35 customers waiting at the door, ready to get tire service handled."

Along with getting your tires switched over, police and fire medics want to remind you to make sure you have an emergency kit in your car. They say to have a blanket, food, water and flashlight among other things.

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