Thursday AM Local Alert Weather, 2-23-17

Good Thursday Morning, Everyone...

Skies will stay mostly cloudy today and we can expect a slight chance, about 20%, of some snow showers out of those clouds this afternoon. It will be a chilly day, as well. Highs will be in the mid to upper 30's for most, with a few spots reaching the low 40's. NW breezes will stay gentle at 5-10 mph.

Those gentle breezes will turn westerly tonight. We will see some partial clearing tonight as lows dip into the teens for just about everyone. Upper elevations could see temps dropping into single digits.

A continuing draw of cold air out of the NW will keep us pretty chilly for the next few days, but the next storm system is not expected to move in until Sunday. From there and into the middle of next week we will see an increased chance of mixed showers.


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