IMC all-league softball teams named

BEND, Ore. - Here is the Intermountain Confernce All-League Softball Teams:

Player of the Year-Lisa Sylvester: Bend
Pitcher of the Year-Megan Berrigan: Bend
Coach of the Year-Sandy Fischer: Ridgeview

First Team: Megan Berrigan-Bend (P)
            Emily Benton-Crook County (P)
            Rachel Collins-Ridgeview (P)
            Awbrie Elle Kinkade-Bend (C)
            Paige Davis-Ridgeview (C)
            Kiahna Brown-Redmond (IF)
            Lisa Sylvester-Bend (IF)
            Jena Ovens-Crook County (IF)
            Kendall Kramer-Bend (IF)
            Erin Ware-Ridgeview (IF)
            Hannah George-Ridgeview (IF)
            Katie Brown-Bend (OF)
            Carriann Elms-Mountain View (OF)
            Jenna Henninger-Mountain View (OF)
            Kaitlin Ross-Redmond (OF)
            Hannah Wicklund-Mountain View (Utility/DH)

Second Team: Alexis Hill-Gruenberg-Bend (P)
             Sara McKinney-Ridgeview (P)
             Hannah Wicklund-Mountain View (P)
             Aspen Christensen-Crook County (C)
             Aubrey Clemans-Summit (C)
             Morgan Watts-Summit (IF)
             Kelsee Martin-Crook County (IF)
             Ivy Vann-Mountain View (IF)
             Jamie Withrow-Mountain View (IF)
             Shawna Marshall-Ridgeview (IF)
             Savanah O'Neil-Redmond (IF)
             Karlee-Hollis Myers-Crook County (OF)
             Alex Popp-Summit (OF)
             Jeaneva Senko-Redmond (OF)
             Mariah Buckner-Bend (OF)
             Kirsten Hawk-Bend (OF)

Honorable Mention: Kaylee Johnson-Crook County (IF)
                   Jacqueline Manley-Summit (IF)
                   Zoe Lash-Ridgeview (IF)
                   Madison Edwards-Redmond (IF)
                   Sara McKinney-Ridgeview (OF)
                   Lexy Brown-Ridgeview (OF)
                   Alex Spencer-Ridgeview (OF)
                   Brooke Berry-Bend (Utility/DH)
                   Hailey Burress-Redmond (Utility/DH)
                   Bailee Wood-Crook County (Utility/DH)
                   Brooke Frey-Summit (Utility/DH)

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