"While bringing in elite recruits does not guarantee you will win a national title, (the data shows) you will not win a national if you fail to bring in elite recruits."

Elliot added that while head coaching stability, signature wins on national television and hoards of star recruits are certainly three of the biggest factors to building a championship-caliber program, there are two others which are equally important.

And both Florida State and Auburn are at the top of the class there, too.

"Certainly, both these programs send a lot of players to the (NFL)," he said. "Who sent the most players to the NFL last year? That'd be Florida State. In fact, this current roster of starters actually has the realistic chance to all go on to be drafted. And then you have a guy like Cam Newton, who is very much attached to Auburn even though he was there for just a year, who has become such a star in the NFL after he was coached by Malzahn. Recruits pay a lot of attention to that.

"(The other important building block) is that both coaching staffs are literally stocked with elite recruiters; guys like (former Auburn star) Dameyune Craig or (former FSU star) Lawrence Dawsey who bleed for their school and can tell you (first hand) what it's like to go there. You don't really see head coaches winning national titles without important guys (behind the scenes) who get great talent. So I definitely think that as long as these staffs stay together, they're going to be set up to play in the national spotlight for the foreseeable future."

Florida State and Auburn will still have their work cut out for them to maintain success at an elite level even if they maintain a Camelot existence. But with only a few days to go before one is crowned the kings of college football, the future certainly looks bright.

Or as Malzahn put it this week, "We're a program on the rise."