"I don't know how exactly it's going to handle in traffic," Crafton said of the new trucks, which feature a very different nose. "The first time we've ever had our Menards Toyota Tundra on a mile-and-a-half was a week or two weeks ago when we had a two-day test in Charlotte. They didn't drive that much different by themselves, so I haven't been in traffic with them to see how they handle, but I don't see that they're going to be that much different.

"We have three of them built to be able to run mile-and-a-halves, but at the same time, we don't know exactly what we're looking for in our wind tunnel numbers. It will be very interesting."

Sauter said, "You can test in the wind tunnel all you want, you can simulate all you want, but until you do it in a race, you just don't know" how the trucks will do.

Camping World renewal brightens Truck garage

The smiles were just a little bit bigger than normal in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series garages at Kansas Speedway on Thursday -- all courtesy of news this week that entitlement sponsor Camping World has extended its contract for another seven years with NASCAR.

"It's great news for everybody," driver Johnny Sauter said. "Competitors always think about (the future of their sports). This is refreshing in a world that is always changing. You look at local news and it's all negative. This is refreshing."

The future of the No. 3 NASCAR national series constantly seemed to be the subject of rumors and speculation. With this week's news, Sauter said, all that can be put to rest until 2022.

"Your hear rumors all the time," the Wisconsin native said. "But I've been around this long enough not to believe everything I hear."

Driver Matt Crafton, a veteran of 318 truck starts, said, "It's huge for me and for all the owners, for every one of the crew guys and for everybody involved in the Camping World Truck Series -- it's very cool. I know when I read it that morning I was ecstatic over it just to know that Camping World and the Camping World Truck Series is going to be around for a long time to come.

"I know it was a big breath of fresh air for NASCAR too --- they have to sign two series sponsors and they got one of them out of the way and Camping World is stepping up, so that is very good."

Odds and ends

The Kansas NASCAR weekend got off to wet start on Thursday as rain moved in late in the morning and pushed the two Camping World Truck Series practices back about 45 minutes. Two one-hour practices were held. ... Two trucks withdrew, it was announced Thursday morning. Those were the No. 66 and No. 74 entries. Drivers on the entry list were listed at TBA for both trucks. Owners were listed at Chris Baluch and Mike Harmon, respectively. The withdrawals cut the field to 31 trucks.