Wednesday KTVZ.COM Poll results: Redmond store options

Most didn't choose one, but clothing leads list

REDMOND, Ore. - Here are the results of Wednesday's KTVZ.COM Poll about what types of stores people would like to see come to downtown Redmond:

What type of stores would you most like to see in downtown Redmond?
Clothing - 18% (75 votes)
Home decor - 7% (29 votes)
Antiques - 15% (61 votes)
Gardening - 8% (31 votes)
None of the above - 52% (211 votes)
Total Votes: 407

We also heard from several people who would have voted for a doughnut or bagel shop to come to downtown Redmond.

Any other preferences? Feel free to weigh in in the comments below.

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