You can get the latest details and maps of the fire at the InciWeb page at .

“In the next 48 hours, there is considerable risk that the fire will cross the Deschutes River and spread east,” the Thursday night update stated.

A temporary fire camp, called a “spike camp,” has been established in the Maupin area to reduce travel time and protect structures in the area, the update added.

The fire is one of dozens sparked by hundreds of lightning strikes from Sunday’s thunderstorms on or near the reservation.

The National Weather Service has a red flag warning in place until 11 p.m. Friday for winds and low relative humidity.

Road closures include the S-300/Hwy. 3 Junction and Red Lake Cemetery Rd/Hwy. 3 Jct.

A late-Wednesday update also offered the frightening specter that the blaze could become a "mega fire."

“This may be the initial phase of a long-running fire that may (rise) to mega status,” stated the updated incident overview n the fire’s InciWeb page.

According to a 2011 report by the Wildfire Research Network, a proposed definition of a mega fire is one that:

-Starts near or in a high fire danger area during approaching or actual red flag conditions.

-Escapes initial attack

-Develops into a “campaign fire” covering a large area

-Requires thousands of firefighters and extensive additional resources to bring final containment, and

-Often causes huge property and other cultural losses in addition to vegetation destroyed.

“Most of these fires cost $75-100 million each in suppression costs alone, plus property and other resources destroyed,” the report said.

Officials announced late Tuesday that the fire claimed a house on Monday morning when it kicked up after subsiding the first night.

Monday's hot, windy weather made for combustible conditions and even prompted movement of the planned Wednesday stage of the Cascade Cycling Classic back to a route closer to Bend.