Warm Springs FAA UAS Test Range expands to Bend Airport

WARM SPRINGS, Ore. - The Warm Springs FAA UAS Test Range, a member of the Pan Pacific Test Range Complex (PPUTRC), led by the University of Alaska, Fairbanks announced Friday the addition of the Bend Municipal Airport to their Unmanned Aircraft operation locations.

“This partnership is critical to expanding our ability to support the various needs of client test projects including long-term Type Certification programs,” said Liz Stalford, Warm Springs UAS Test Range manager. “The Bend Airport has a newly constructed helipad and the ability to support large custom hangars in a desirable setting.”

Gary Judd, Bend Municipal Airport manager, notes that the FAA classifies Unmanned Aerial Vehicles as aircraft. “With this agreement, the Bend Municipal Airport is assured that all UAV operations conducted by the Warm Springs UAS program at the Bend Municipal Airport are conducted safely and in compliance with FAA rules and regulations for operations at airports within Class G airspace such as the Bend Municipal Airport.”

In addition to expanding to the Bend Municipal Airport, Warm Springs UAS Test Range has recently added operations to the Prineville and Madras airports. 

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