Video of Lara interrogation played in pretrial hearing

Testimony now set to conclude Tuesday

Lara motions hearing wraps up for week

BEND, Ore. - A week of pre-trial motions hearings in the Edwin Lara case wrapped up Friday with more law enforcement testimony about the circumstances surrounding the investigation into his alleged killing of Kaylee Sawyer.

Redmond Police Detective Sgt. Eric Beckwith continued his testimony, answering questions about the interview he and other Oregon police officers conducted with Lara after his arrest nearly a year ago in Northern California.

Video of the interrogation was played in court, showing police reading Lara his Miranda rights and consulate rights before he was able to point out to them where Sawyer's body could be found.

The defense was reviewing the evidence to determine whether the interview was legally obtained.

During the interview, Beckwith confirmed that after Lara showed detectives where the body was located, he went on to give incriminating information. 

The detectives informed Lara he could speak with a lawyer any time he wanted, after he asked detectives if he would ever be allowed to speak with a lawyer.

“Mr. Lara is standing with a corrections officer from Tehama County," Beckwith said. "I was explaining to the Tehama County deputy that he requested a phone call, that he had requested an attorney, and how would I make arrangements to call down and speak to a specific deputy about that.”

The defense wanted to point out that it was a while into the interview before Lara was again reminded that he had the right to an attorney after he brought it up.

Oregon State Police Lt. Greg Wither testified about the process of finding Edwin Lara's car in a Ross Dress for Less parking lot in Salem.

Redmond Police Officer Devin Lee followed him to the stand. Lee was tasked with writing the search warrant at the command post while detectives were searching for Lara and Kaylee Sawyer's body.

Lee said e wrote search warrants to search Lara's residence and car, and a Nissan Altima that allegedly was used to transport Sawyer's body.

The testimony did not conclude Friday as planned and is now set to continue on Tuesday of next week.

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