Two Special Winter Drinks From '10 Below'

From Columbine Quillen, Mixologist at Oxford Hotel's 10Below

Caramel Hot Toddy with Pendleton

2 ounces of caramel

1 ounce of lemon

2 ounces of Pendleton

4 ounces of steaming hot water

Bring all the ingredients together, stirring until the caramel has thoroughly dissolved into the drink.


Hot Chocolate with Mint Bourbon

2 ounces of mint bourbon (bourbon is whiskey, it just has certain rules about it)

4 ounces of hot chocolate

Mint Bourbon

There are two ways to make mint whiskey - the summer way and the winter way:

Summer Way--

1/4 cup mint sprigs

1 bottle of bourbon (fifth bottle)

Allow mint sprigs to steep in the bourbon overnight. Strain sprigs and enjoy.

Winter Way---

2 mint tea bags

1 bottle of bourbon. (fifth bottle)

Allow mint teabags to steep in the bourbon overnight. Pull teabags and enjoy.

Blend the hot chocolate and mint bourbon together, top with whipped cream if so desired. Enjoy!

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