Tree disease limits Walton Lake Campground access

Laminated root rot affecting many trees

PRINEVILLE, Ore. - Walton Lake Campground, located east of Prineville, reopened for the season last month with new access restrictions due to a disease affecting many trees in the area, Ochoco National Forest officials said Monday.

The concessionaire-operated campground, located east of Prineville, opened May 15 and is a popular spot for recreating on the forest, officials said.

For visitors’ safety, the campground opened with access restrictions this year, as the area south of the campground is closed to entry. 

Laminated root rot disease has infected many Douglas fir and grand fir trees in that area. The root rot can cause seemingly healthy trees to fall without warning. The Public Safety Closure order was signed on May 11.

The campsites are not affected by these trees, and are safe for visitors to enjoy, officials said. A portion of the trail near the campground has been closed for safety reasons, but access to the lake and other areas is open. 

Informational materials about root rot have been posted around the campground-infected sites and all visitors are beomg asked for their own safety to stay of the closure area. 

Pink flagging notices and signs are posted at intervals around the affected area.  There are further informational posters and signs at both the trailhead and campground kiosks. 

"Walton Lake Campground is still a great place to visit and enjoy with good fishing prospects and good camping opportunities," said Acting Public Affairs Officer Susan Garner.

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