Trapped trucker survives hours in subzero temps

Man pinned beneath axle for eight hours

POSTED: 8:43 AM PST January 10, 2014    UPDATED: 8:42 AM PST January 10, 2014 
Semi truck big rig

A truck driver was rescued from underneath his semitrailer, where he was pinned for several hours in sub-zero temperatures in Indiana.

Tim Rutledge of Orlando, Fla., stopped at a truck stop south Indianapolis and crawled under his cab to fix his truck’s frozen brakes. But once he was under the truck, it suddenly settled deeper into the snow, pinning him beneath an axle.

According to The Associated Press, Rutledge yelled for help until his voice was hoarse, but says no one could hear him. The 53-year-old was helpless as his cellphone rang dozens of times in a coat pocket he couldn't reach. Finally, it vibrated enough to wiggle free and fall from his pocket. He was able to use its voice dial feature to call a company dispatcher for help.

After getting to the hospital, doctors said his body temperature was so low that much more time outside would've been fatal. Doctors also said he was likely saved by the fact that the truck actually worked as a shield from the dangerously cold winds.

Rutledge was released from the hospital with numbness, but no long-term injuries. He is now on his way back home to Florida.