Town of Post, Oregon, is up for sale

Not interested? Millican is also on the market

Two Central Oregon Towns For Sale

POST, Ore. - Two towns in Central Oregon are on the market for someone interested in owning a piece of Oregon history. 

The Center of Oregon 

Post, Oregon, is nestled in the heart of Crook County on Highway 380, surrounded by a ranching community. The town of Post went up for sale three weeks ago. 

The asking price is $535,000, which includes the town of Post with 1.9 acres, a home, the general store and recreational vehicle hookups. 

The owner of the town decided to put it on the market because of family reasons. Candice Anderson and Barbara Jackson, brokers for John L. Scott, told NewsChannel 21 on Wednesday the town is filled with rich history.  

"Walter Post had a family of nine and settled over there, and when he moved here (across the Crooked River) he became the first postmaster," Anderson said Wednesday. 

The post office is still in use today. A gas station and Post apparel can all be found at the general store. 

Jackson said the store is profitable and people all across the state come to have its famous meatloaf sandwiches and ice cream shakes.

Candice Anderson said they've been getting people interested in buying the town. 

"Most of them are excited about the character of the area and the store," she said. 'We's got a beautiful ranching community here, and so being integrated into the community and serving lots of tourists that are coming through, but you have the mainstay of the ranchers here, too."

The town of Post is bustling, with many stopping by and take in its bountiful history.

From loggers passing by to a runaway tire that damaged part of the store back in 1989, the general store has seen many people come by for a visit. 

Anderson said 45 people live in the area full time and use the general store regularly. 

Diamond in the Rough

You'll find another For Sale sign up for the town of Millican, 26 miles east of Bend. The small rural town once had  a thriving little gas station, convenience store and restaurant.

Leonard Peverieri purchased the property eight years ago and envisioned building an RV park but without another partner to launch his idea. 

The town of Millican's charm is still there. The service station history can still be seen, from the tire racks and timing belts to a secret safe with a tragic history -- in 1988, the owner at the time was killed at the safe by a former convict working for him at the time.

Peverieri is asking for $1.5 million for this diamond in the rough. 

He said Millican has the potential to grow and become a thriving little town, if someone has the right vision, noting that it's about the same distance (in driving time) from Bend's Costco than Costco is from some other Bend or Central Oregon locations.

Whether you're looking at fixing up the town of Millican, or you just want to live in the center of the state, both properties are up for grabs -- if the price is right. 

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