Three DCSO personnel honored with statewide awards

BEND, Ore. - Deschutes County Sheriff's Office personnel were awarded a Lifesaving Award, Search and Rescue Council "Volunteer of the Year" and Civil Command Council "Deputy of the Year" from the Oregon State Sheriffs' Association annual awards ceremony held at Riverhouse on the Deschutes.

Lifesaving Award - Deputy Caitlin Doshier

On August 9, 2016, Deputy Doshier was waterskiing with family friends at Lake Shasta, California. While waterskiing, Doshier's friend lost his balance and fell while crossing the boat's wake. He was paralyzed as a result of the fall and could not lift his head out of the water while he floated in his life jacket.

Doshier immediately recognized the situation as life threatening, and dove from the back of the boat to render assistance. She retrieved him and swam him back to the boat. Once on board, Doshier discovered he was not breathing on his own and immediately began CPR. After several minutes of CPR, he began breathing again without assistance. Doshier and others continued to monitor and provide aid until the Shasta County Sheriff's Deputies arrived to transport him to the hospital.

Doshier acted selflessly and valiantly in saving her friends life.

Search and Rescue Council "Volunteer of the Year" -- Matt Trager

Matt Trager is our Mountain Rescue team coordinator and one of our Rescue Leaders as well as being on 7 other teams. As of 10/12/2016, he has been involved in 20 mission and 52 trainings accounting to 370 hours.

This year in particular, Matt has consistently demonstrated exceptional effort in successfully accomplishing his Search and Rescue responsibilities. One of the key missions this year was a dramatic night rescue of a stranded climber who had repelled off the wrong side of Monkey Face (Smith Rock State Park) on a 150' rope who was then stranded, free hanging 300' from the ground. This caused his climbing partner to be stranded on the top of Monkey Face 450' from the ground.

Prior to this mission, Matt had just completed leading a day's long MRU training and did not hesitate rising to the challenge of being the rescue leader of the team. Matt immediately demonstrated a positive and affirming "we can do this attitude." Matt led and coordinated a team of 11 MRU members, 4 of which, including himself, made the 2 hour long climb to the top of Monkey Face, before the rescue could even begin.

Matt's advanced climbing and rigging skills paid huge dividends in the success of this rescue. Matt's positive style of competent and credible leadership fostered an attitude of confidence amongst his fellow team members in performing a complex and unique rescue.

Having an immense amount of trust and responsibility in our mountain rescue team coordinator is paramount. Matt has proven himself to be consistently reliable in demonstrating and maintaining his physical skills and abilities, maintaining and expanding his mountain rescue knowledge base while consistently fostering a positive training and mission environment.

The Monkey Face rescue exemplifies how Matt has distinguished himself as a viable candidate for the volunteer of the year award.

Civil Command Council "Deputy of the Year" -- Civil Deputy Alan Muise

Civil Deputy Alan Muise is a retired deputy and works part-time in the Civil Unit to serve papers and civil process. Deputy Muise has worked for the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office for 32 years, with the last 10 years in the Civil Unit. Deputy Muise was recognized for his dedication to service and high productivity.

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