Thieves break into several RVs at Bend storage lot

Business owner says it's been targeted before

Break-in at Bend RV storage center

BEND, Ore. - Several RVs and trailers in Bend have been broken into and vandalized at The 9th Street RV Storage Center.

“Last Tuesday night, sometime near midnight, we had a break-in here where they cut the fence and they broke into a number of vehicles, probably six or eight vehicles, (maybe) nine,” owner Rob Kirkpatrick said Monday.  

Kirkpatrick said whoever broke in pried open RV doors and may have used roof vents to enter vehicles.

And this is not the first time his business has been targeted.

“I’m sorry to say, I wish it was," Kirkpatrick said. Twenty-nine years in business, and we’ve had multiple (break-ins) over the years, maybe a handful (to) 10 times, somewhere in that range.”

He said he doesn’t know the specifics of what was taken from the RVs, but a viewer posted this note to NewsChannel 21’s Facebook:

“This morning, I discovered my trailer had been broken into and about $1,500 worth of tools and equipment was stolen.”

Kirkpatrick believes whoever broke in was looking to make a quick buck, and it’s part of a bigger problem.

“We have a lot of people out there who have needs, can’t get jobs for various reasons," he said, "and society doesn’t give those people enough chance, and the system doesn’t (get) them help to try to change the direction of their lives.”

The Bend Police Department is investigating. If you have any information that could help, you're urged to contact them at (541) 639-6911.

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