Terrebonne School kids earn pie-in-face fun

Far outdistance other schools in canned food drive

At Tuesday morning's assembly, Terrebonne Community School students learned the result of the Redmond Toy and Food Drive canned food competition -- and the just desserts for the winners came in the form of several pies in the faces for their principal, the Redmond fire chief and other worthy targets.

"We are pretty sure their cheers could be heard in the neighboring counties," Redmond Fire Marshal Traci Cooper said later of the joyous, laughter-filled occasion.

This competition is a yearly event ,and over 80 percent of the food that goes into the programs food boxes is donated through the schools.

As Fire Chief Tim Moor told the students, "We could not do this without all of you and your generous giving."

Through this program, a classroom at each school has a chance to win a pizza party with the firefighters.

The program is made possible through a partnership with Pappy's Pizza.

Over the last three years, a new prize has been added to the competition. The principal told the students that if Terrebonne won, he and some of his staff would take pies in the face.

This year, the fire department got in on the action. Clara Butler, the fire department liaison, ha advised the students that if they won this year's completion -- for the fifth straight time, by the way -- she also would take a pie (or two) in the face, after she was challenged by a competing school.

The results were amazing, Cooper said.

This year, Terrebonne -- the district's smallest elementary school, and in an area hard hit by economic woes -- set a goal of gathering seven food cans per student.

Not only did they meet that goal -- they more than doubled it. When the dust had settled, the average per student was announced at 14.28 cans per student.

Last year Terrebonne Comunity School donated 3,357 cans of food. This year – 5,487 cans of food were collected!

That is by far  the most food collected from any school in the history of this Redmond Fire program.

This year's winning class at Terrebonne was Mrs. Tobish's second-grade class, with 1,049 cans. This class brought in more cans than any other in the school district.

When Chief Moor heard about the amazing results, he volunteered to surprise the students by taking some pies himself.

Terrebonne Community School has held on to the championship for five years running.

"They are an inspiration to all of us on the meaning of giving!" Cooper said.

"The sense of caring and giving that is exemplified by students, families and community members this time of year is amazing," Moor said. "It is heartwarming to see people coming together to help those in need. We would like to thank everyone who is involved in making this program possible each year."

Due in large part to the young people of Terrebonne, this year, the Redmond Toy and Food Drive will be helping around 450 families.

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