Tea Partiers Stage Tax Day Rally in Bend

'End The Occupation' Event Targets Obama, Media

BEND, Ore. - A crowd of over 100 Bend Tea Party members gathered in Troy Field Sunday afternoon for an "End the Occupation" Tax Day rally.

Tea Partiers listened to a speech by Oregon Tea Party Chairman John Kuzmanich about how citizens have become the new media and how to exercise their rights listed in the Constitution while working to make sure President Obama is defeated this fall..

"The left is engaged in a war against the good and the decent in this country, and its not a metaphorical war," he said, "It's very real, and if we don't stand up and fight we are going to lose this country."

The Tea Party is based on three core principles: limited constitutional government, fiscally responsible government and free economic liberty.

The Bend Tea Party has held a rally in Troy Field before, and has been holding similar rallies since 2009.

Of course, the income tax filing deadline is a significance to why the Tea Party staged its rally Sunday, among similar events around the country.

"We are paying taxes for things that we should not be spending," said Jefferson County Republican Chairwoman Kate Adams. "Wwe are spending thousands, millions of dollars on nothing but debt, just on debt service alone.

"We cant continue this. Our children are going to be indebted forever, so we just have to stop it."

Kuzmanich also played for the crowd an interview with the late journalist Andrew Breitbart on his radio show.

The message: If the Tea Party doesn't stand up now, they're going to lose this country, and they have to become the new media themselves.

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