SALEM, Ore. -

After considering input from the public at a hearing in July and reviewing a large volume of written comments, the Oregon Transportation Commission on Friday approved 36 multimodal projects from around the state for $40,369,189 in funding, provided by the ConnectOregon V program (brief list below).

The commission did not approve, by a vote of 3 - 2, a project submitted by the Port of St. Helens to reconstruct Berth 2 - Beaver Dock. The commission will consider at a future meeting how to distribute the remaining funds in the program.

Other than the Port of St. Helens Berth 2 project, the list of recommend projects from the Final Review Committee was unchanged by the commission. For ConnectOregon V, there were 104 applications requesting a total of $124,386,927 million. Each application was evaluated and ranked by several stakeholder groups, including modal committees and regional committees, before going to the final review committee.

ConnectOregon focuses on improving connections and supporting local economies throughout the state. Dedicated to non-highway projects, ConnectOregon was first approved by the Oregon legislature in 2005 and has funded more than 130 marine/ports, aviation, public transit, and rail projects around the state. For ConnectOregon V, bicycle/pedestrian projects were also eligible to compete for funds.

For more about the program and process, including links to applications, visit the ConnectOregon website,

Applicant                       Project                                   Request Amount    Awarded Amount

City of Redmond            Runway rehab                         $1,225,812               $1,225,812

Lane Transit District      W. 11th bike/ped                      $2,866,644.80          $2,866,644.80

Port of Coos Bay           Rail tunnel rehab                     $2,000,000               $2,000,000

City of Madras                Airport improvement               $792,000                  $792,000        

City of Tualatin               Greenway Trail                        $1,585,800               $1,585,800

Port of St. Helens           Berth 1extension                     $2,000,000               $2,000,000

Port of St. Helens           Berth 2 reconstruction            $2,000,000               $2,000,000

Port of Astoria                Runway rehab                         $480,000                  $480,000

City of Burns                  Taxiway reconstruction           $216,600                  $216,600

Lane Transit District      Franklin Blvd. stations             $648,000                  $648,000

City of Bend                   Bend Airport                            $326,700                  $326,700

Columbia River Pilots   Columbia River clearance      $949,608                  $949,608

LRY, LLC                       Lakeview Spur expansion       $783,680                  $783,680

White’s Hauling              Rail siding                               $842,320                  $841,320

City of Medford               Larson Creek segment           $868,000                  $868,000

City of Brookings            Runway safety areas              $400,000                  $400,000

Grant County Trans.      Facility enhancement              $120,000                  $120,000

Benton County               Corv – Albany Trail                  $4,800,000               $2,000,000

Port of Toledo                Yaquina boat haul-out             $4,673,000               $4,673,000