St. Charles Foundation grant helps Bend PD save lives

Agency switching to nasal overdose treatment

BEND, Ore. - Opioid addiction and usage is at an all-time high nationally, and Central Oregon is not immune. Since 2016, the Bend Police Department has been deploying Nalaxone to help reverse the effects of an opioid overdose.

"Since the Bend Police Department implemented the use of Nalaxone, the agency has saved 15 community members' lives who went through an opioid overdose," police Lt. Clint Burleigh said in a news release Thursday, which continues below:

We are excited and thankful to say we have received a $3,000 grant from the St. Charles Foundation to help continue the deployment of Naloxone.

The Bend Police Department will switch to Narcan Nasal from Nalaxone. Since implementation, we have found that Nasal Narcan will be more efficient and simpler for officers to deploy during an overdose emergency.

Partnerships are important in communities our size and this grant emphasizes the positive relationship the Bend Police Department has with St. Charles Health Systems. Working together makes a better and safer Bend. Thank you St. Charles Foundation for helping us save lives in Bend!

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