St. Charles awards nearly $100,000 in 'safety net' grants

St. Charles Health System is pleased to announce it is providing $99,500 in safety net grants to nonprofit organizations throughout Central Oregon.

Schools, food pantries, homeless shelters and health and wellness programs for underserved children are among the 14 nonprofits in the region that are helping meet the critical needs of individuals and families, providing services that prevent or end homelessness and working to break the cycle of poverty.

Some of the largest grants were awarded to:

·         Kemple Memorial Children’s Dental Clinic, which received $13,000 to provide a dental clinic and a school-based screen and seal program;

·         Mountain Star Relief Nursery, which received $13,000 for its well-child initiative;

·         Mosaic Medical, which received $10,000 to support access to primary care for the homeless through its mobile community clinic.

Since its inception, St. Charles Health System has been contributing to programs that benefit the communities it serves. By collaborating with other nonprofits in the area, St. Charles aims to implement and support best-practice and evidence-based initiatives that address community needs and improve the overall health of the region.

“St. Charles is proud to partner with Central Oregon nonprofits that are working to meet individuals and families at their point of need so that they can overcome fundamental challenges, achieve stability and improve their lives,” said Carlos Salcedo, St. Charles’ community partnerships manager. “The 14 organizations we’re funding will have a real and positive impact on our community.”

To learn more about St. Charles’ community benefit program, visit

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