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Redmond man shares story of marijuana struggles

Redmond man's marijuana struggles

Getting high was the center of 32-year-old Redmond resident Jacob Hayes' life for 12 years, although at first he didn't realize it.

Special report: Dining with a health inspector

Health inspector

We all have our favorite restaurants, but have you ever thought about how safe and clean those restaurants really are? There's a good way to find out, online. We tagged along with an inspector to see how the grades are made

Winter outlook: Warm and dry, or cold and wet?

Winter Outlook 2014

Making a seasonal forecast for the winter is always a tricky and difficult task. There are many variables that may have a significant impact on a region’s outlook.

The truth behind winter weather proverbs

Winter weather proverbs: The truth?

There are many winter weather rhymes and sayings that supposedly give glimpse into the winter months. NewsChannel 21 meteorologist Bob Shaw and Travis Knudsen look at a few of the most popular proverbs.

Child abuse: Strangers don't pose biggest danger

Abuse danger often not strangers

We set out to uncover the dangers of having your child in day care, but upon investigating that story, we stumbled upon a whole other set of circumstances posing a risk to your kids. We found that registered sex offender lists aren't the problem.

Special report: Air ambulance safety on the High Desert

Central Oregon air ambulance safety

When an ambulance can't move fast enough, here in Central Oregon, we rely on air ambulances. But as NewsChannel 21's Katie Higgins reports, it turns out those fast-moving helicopters have shaky safety records across the United States, leading to tighter federal rules.

Death with Dignity: Bend woman tells of painful decision

A painful promise kept

Recently, the story of a woman with Stage 4 brain cancer who moved from California to Oregon to utilize the Death with Dignity law has gone viral. The subject is not an easy one, but for one Central Oregon woman, it brings back a flood of personal memories.

Two years, plus pain: Bend family waits for justice, answers

Bend man s mysterious death still haunts family

It's been more than two years since Shane Munoz was found shot to death in a Bend home. There have been few answers since, and a growing frustration for a family that says it's tired of waiting for justice.

Skin cancer rates high on the High Desert

Sun s fun but too much is trouble

Oregon has the fifth-highest rate of melanoma in the country,and the High Desert has some of the highest rates of skin cancer in the state, according to the American Cancer Society.

Missing adults: A 'silent mass disaster'

The Silent Mass Disaster revisiting a missing persons case

One morning in 2009,  Justin Burkhart left his Bend apartment to grab a bite to eat.  It was the last time he was seen alive.  For 10 months, he became another number in what the U.S. Department of Justice calls “the silent mass disaster” -- tens of thousands of missing adults.

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