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Special report: Just how clean is your grocery store?

Special report Grocery store inspections

A trip to the grocery store is something most Americans make at least once , if not twice a week. But how clean is your neighborhood store?

Special report Pt 2: Airsoft wars - a safe game?

Airsoft players parents defend games

Airsoft guns are looking so much like real ones police officers have a hard time telling them apart. But young airsoft players and their parents say it is a safe sport and a worthwhile experience.

Special report Pt. 1: Airsoft guns not 'real' - but danger is

Kids with fake guns a controversial hobby

The game of war is evolving and growing in the backyards of Central Oregon. The weapon of choice? Airsoft guns. As interest in the game grows, so does the concerns for law enforcement.

Can Bend police catch the 'Big-Belly Bandit'?

Bend serial bank robber eludes capture

It's been over a year since he last struck -- and still, Bend's serial bank robber has yet to be caught.

Questions, pain linger: Who killed Susan Wickersham?

Decades-old Bend killing unsolved

Decades have passed since a Bend teen's remains were found in a wooded area south of the city, but there are many who remember Susan Wickersham occasionally, and some who think about her life and why she died all the time.

26-year mystery: What happened to Redmond teen?

Angela Chan Never found not forgotten

More than a quarter-century has passed since Angela Chan went missing, but her sister says she believes she knows what happened to the Redmond 19-year-old.

Special report Is fast-growing Bend about to break?

Is Bend about to break?

Since 1990, the city of Bend has quadrupled in population, home prices went from cheap to steep, and the once-quaint town on the High Desert has become a lot busier. In this special report, NewsChannel 21's Emily Kirk talk with some "old-timers" and local officials about what's been gained or lost.

Leave your body to the dogs -- and save lives

C.O. search dogs need body parts img2

Search and rescue canines train for the worst. They were developed to be used during catastrophic events like 9/11, the Joplin, Missouri. tornadoes and more recently the Oso, Washington mudslide. They bring people home, dead or alive. But something they need to do so is hard to come by -- and a bit unnerving.

A Redmond veteran's biggest battle is over

A soldier s war at home

It's a tough time of the year for military families who can't be with their loved ones. But for some families, it's what happens after they do come home that can have devastating consequences.

Redmond man shares story of marijuana struggles

Redmond man's marijuana struggles

Getting high was the center of 32-year-old Redmond resident Jacob Hayes' life for 12 years, although at first he didn't realize it.

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