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Pt. 2: Bend's bid to climb out of pothole predicament

Bend's pothole predicament, Pt. 2 img2

Deteriorating roads in the city of Bend have sparked controversy, debate, and a special election in March. Voters said overwhelmingly they did not want to pay extra for road repair and maintenance.

Special report: What makes a picky eater?

Special report Picky eaters

You probably know a picky eater, or maybe you are one yourself, and in this special report, we are wondering: What makes a picky eater?

Special report: Survivng an active-shooting situation

Special report Active shooter training

We see it across the nation, on our television screens. A gunman who opens fire at a movie theater in Colorado, or several children and adults gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary, and the community of Roseburg traumatized after a gunman shot and killed eight classmates and a teacher at Umpqua Community College.

Identity theft, Part 2: Ways to stay safe

ID Theft Pt 2 How to keep safe

It happens before you know it. Identify theft can happen in many different forms. But are you protected?

Identity theft: The online risks, scams grow ever larger

(img1)Identity theft Keep yourself safe

With the rise of technology, identity theft is happening more and more frequently. In Part 1 of our two-part special report, NewsChannel 21's Dani Fried looks at some of the latest methods crooks and scammers are using to get your money or personal information -- or both.

Special report: Recycling dollars don't always make sense

Special report: Rethinking recycling

The logic of lugging bottles and cans to the curb for recycling has always been in the dollars and cents. But the belief that it pays to recycle might be nothing more than rubbish.

Early look: Rethinking recycling - where does it go?

Rethinking Recycling

As our upcoming special report invites you to rethink recycling, we’d also like you to reconsider waste. Here’s a few tips to limit what you throw out:

State can 'show you the money' - yours - online

Special report: Show me the money image

Your money may be sitting in Oregon's capital city, waiting for you to claim it. And the answers could be just a mouse click away.

Roundabouts 101: Bend's traffic circles have simple rules

Special report: Roundabouts 101 image

Roundabouts are still being built all across Bend, but do you know how to drive through them safely and courteously?

Special report: Will furry friends put a 'paws' on crime?

Special report Dogs and intruders

Dogs are known as man's best friend, but is your companion also a protector? We put the pooches at three homes to the test, to see how an intruder would be greeted.

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