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Special report: What's in your drinking water?

Special Report Water You Drinking

Central Oregon is known for its good water quality. We put it to the test to see what officials do to guarantee our drinking water stays clean and safe.

Return to Canyon Creek burn zone: Recovery -- and new threats

After the fire Back to Canyon Creek

As the black scars turn white with snow, wounds were fresh again for dozens of families in Canyon City, realizing Christmas will be much different this year.

Special Report: Bike thefts surge in Bend

Special report Bye Bye Bikes

The city of Bend is known as being a bike-friendly town. But as NewsChannel 21's Dan McCarthy reports, it's also become friendly to bike thieves. 

Special report: Outrageous Oregon laws

Special Report Outrageous Oregon Laws

Most Oregonians tend to follow the laws of the land. But what if some laws just don't make sense? Some would take issue about some laws being a good or bad thing, such as not feeding the ducks at the park, or not pumping your own gas. But there are odder ones on the books - or are they?

A look at some unusual laws around U.S.

Wyoming: Fishing law

NewsChannel 21 Pedro Quintana takes a look at some outrageous Oregon laws, he'll have a special report on Monday at 6 p.m. Here are some state laws around the United States that you may have never heard of before.

Filling in Central Oregon: Can we ease the squeeze?

Filling in Central Oregon

In the last year, Oregon gained its 4 millionth resident. And with Deschutes County being once again the fastest-growing county in the state, we are all starting to feel the growing pains.

Special report: 'Maker movement' makes waves in C.O.

Special Report Handmade in C O

The "maker movement" is spreading across the nation and world, and is growing strong on the High Desert as well. It's an umbrella term used for the trend and for those who innovate, create and invent.

Special report: Hunting for poachers on the High Desert

Special report Poachers take a toll

Down a long gravel road east of Madras, the headlights hit the trail of blood, then shone further, where the suspect waited next to the body.

Special report: Nursing shortage on the High Desert

Critical shortage on the High Desert

There's a nationwide shortage of critical care nurses, and Central Oregon hospitals are getting hit hard.

Preview: Spotlight on poaching

Lea with antlers

NewsChannel 21's Kandra Kent offers a preview of her special report on poaching on the High Desert, airing Thursday evening at 6 p.m. (Warning: The last image is graphic)

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