· Myth: Driver education just covers basic driving skills and isn't very effective.

Truth: Oregon's successful driver education programs use research-based education in the classroom, combined with in-depth hands-on practice. This type of curriculum takes into account young drivers' habits and traits, as well as the common errors new drivers make.· Myth: Driver education instructors usually just present whatever they want in the course.§ Truth: Oregon has a mandatory curriculum framework that instructors must use, and a system of checks and balances ensures that skilled instructors are delivering quality instruction; clear expectations, biannual reviews, and regular audits ensure consistency.

· Myth: Parents teaching their children to drive is the best way to go.

Truth: The best driver education programs do include an element of parent participation, but studies show parent instruction alone is not enough. Driving is a technical skill; instructors who have the technical knowledge to teach good driving skills can provide a level of instruction that someone without that knowledge cannot.

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