Soft soil spurs late changes to new Crook Co. Jail plans

One possible cost-saving move: One story, not two

Soft soil changes plans for jail

PRINEVILLE, Ore. - There’s a firm foundation for the need for a new Crook County Jail, to replace an aging, cramped facility. Unfortunately, soft soil at the new site nearby means the plans for its foundation have to be revised.

Designers and contractors are doing the work to add more support for the new facility.

The initial cost estimates for the changes are $400,000 to $500,000, but officials said they expect to find cost savings elsewhere, such as perhaps making it a one-story facility, rather than two.

“By doing that, you reduce your construction cost,” said Sheriff John Gautney. “Plus you reduce your long-term cost of heating and cooling and stuff like that.”

The project plans are changing practically every day, but Gautney said they are still on target to finish the new jail by late next year.


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