Smith Rock B&B, campsite proposal modified

But some neighbors still are not convinced

B&B and campsite proposal modified

TERREBONNE, Ore. - A proposal by the Mazama Foundation to put a new bed and breakfast and campground next to Smith Rock State Park has been modified. Most of the changes appear to be influenced by criticisms expressed by neighbors.

One of the campsites was removed, although the maximum number of campers would remain at 20.

There also were a few noise-buffering measures taken, as noise has been a big point of contention at hearings on the proposal so far.

But those concessions are not enough for one neighbor of the site who's appealing the approval given by Deschutes County.

Marla Gibson, who lives adjacent to the property, said Tuesday there are still a few county code violations in the plan and that she'd be disappointed in the county if the proposal goes through.

"We don't accept that the county can just throw their zoning laws out the door in order to let this one group have their way," Gibson said.

Precedent plays a key role in the matter. The county likely would have to grant a few waivers to current zoning laws for the campground to be built on the property.

"This could be precedent-setting," county Commission Chairman Tony DeBone said. "Maybe that's the other thing that needs to be discussed here, because if there's a variance, there will be justification for a variance, there will be an example of a variance, and then other properties could possibly follow that path."

The Terrebonne Neighborhood Alliance will have a meeting Saturday afternoon to discuss the proposal.

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