Sisters newcomers react to Bridge 99 Fire

'It's very frightening'

Sisters newcomer reacts to fire

SISTERS, Ore. - Smoke covered the High Desert Wednesday, which some long-time residents are used to seeing during fire season. But for visitors and newcomers, it can be a harsh reality.

"To have it so close, where you see the smoke and you smell it. and to see the planes going over our house -- it's frightening, it's very frightening," said new Sisters resident Shirley Engel. "Especially when you're new to town. "

"Where we lived before we had flooding, and we have lived where there are earthquakes, but never forest fires," Engel said.

Now the harsh reality, brought on by a harsh set of thunderstorms.

"It's a big concern when you're seeing smoke close by," Engel said.

What's also concerning is the growth.

"It's burning on steep slope, on a lot of rock. it's not safe to do a direct attack on the fire, given the location," fire officials told NewsChannel 21.

Engel said, "Last night -- we usually go for a walk in the evening -- it was so smokey though, so we shortened it up because it was hard to breathe.".

And when that's why you moved here and built a house in the forest, the last thing you want to see is wildfire smoke.

"We have beautiful mountain views," Engel said -- but on Wednesday, "they were just smogged over."

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