Sisters fire station features special lights display

Animated lights synchorized with Christmas music

Sisters Fire Dept. holiday lights display

SISTERS, Ore. - The Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire District is celebrating the holidays this year with a really cool light display at the Sisters fire hall.

The lights are timed with the music of "Carol of the Bells."

Sisters Fire Shift Commander Gary Lovegren built the display.

Lovegren started the display with a fireman and fire truck that he built. He animated the water to put out the fire in the tree.

He says he thought it was good, but then he said he needed to add some music to the display to time with the lights.

"It's different -- it's not your normal light display, because you don't normally see a firetruck and a fireman putting out fire on a light display -- but it's the fire department," Lovegren said Saturday.

"So we wanted it to be special for the community, and so far all the kids and the families that have come by in the evenings, everybody has clapped and said, 'We love your display, what a wonderful job' and we just want everybody to come by and enjoy."

Lovegren said the light display took him about 50 hours to complete.

You can view the lights yourself. They are timed to go on at the fire department from 4:30 p.m. until midnight through Jan. 1.

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