Seeds of healing: Sisters woman offers novel way to help with grief

'Comfort seeds' a way to share you care

Comfort Seeds: Sisters woman brings...

SISTERS, Ore. - Katie Diez lost her father 10 years ago to cancer.

While making a quilt out of her father's T-shirts, she found a tomato seed.

After planting that seed, it flourished, and Diez said Tuesday she has found healing in the process of taking care of those tomato plants.

In growing the plants, she said she felt a connection to her father, who loved to garden, and wanted to share the experience with others who are going through difficult times.

After posting about the seeds on social media, there were many requests from people all over the country wanting to get their own seeds.

Diez said it's a great way to reach out to others who have lost a close friend or family member, to let them know that you are thinking about them.

Diez has found that many people appreciate the sentiment, and enjoy receiving the seeds.

This process has been therapeutic for Diez as well, and she said she loves the fact that she is able to reach out and help others during a difficult time.

If you would like to get your own seeds, you can message Katie Diez here:

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