BEND, Ore. -

Saving Grace will be honoring Teen Dating Violence Awareness this month. February is National Teen Dating Violence Prevention and Awareness Month and it is critical that we take this time to remember that domestic violence is not just a problem for adults.

One in three adolescents in the US will be a victim of physical, emotional or sexual abuse from a dating partner.

Nearly 80% of girls who have been physically abused in their intimate relationships continue to date their abuser. And two-thirds of teens who are in an abusive relationship never tell anyone about the abuse. It’s time to shine a light on this issue.

Recognizing abuse in a relationship can be difficult, especially for teens. There are many types of abuse that young people may believe are normal in a relationship.

Even though teen relationships may be different from adult relationships, teens can experience the same types of abuse.

Teens also face unique obstacles if they decide to get help. They may not have money, transportation or a safe place to go. They may also have concerns about confidentiality, with many adults obligated to make reports to police, parents and/or child protective services.

Saving Grace has many valuable resources on this topic available on their website, and an advocate is available to talk 24/7 on the Saving Grace Helpline 541-389-7021 or toll free at 1-866-504-8992.

Saving Grace provides confidential and free family violence and sexual assault services and promotes the value of life without violence. For more information contact Lauren Biskind at 541-382-9227.